I love listening to Royals games on the radio. I’m old-school like that. It takes me back to my childhood when my grandfather tuned in games on hot summer nights, an oscillating fan and cicadas droning over the announcer’s voice. It was so magical to me back then, and even more so now.

I was listening to a radio interview with Jeremy Guthrie, Royals pitcher. He said something that got me out of bed, fumbling in the dark for my glasses, pen, and paper: “It’s not results, but effort and experience, that define you.”

Jeremy can pitch philosophy, as well as fastballs, it seems.

My take: I want my effort to define and speak for me. I want to value my experiences and participate in making my own life the best it can be. I want the same for you and for our neighborhoods.

In my experience, our lives and our neighborhoods are what we make of them to a great degree. We don’t control all the results. However, we can control our efforts to make our lives more like we want, rather than what circumstance, “the Man”, or fate hands us.

I hope making an effort to participate in 49/63 is part of what defines you. If we work together, we can change the world, and our own lives.

    — Les Cline
        President, 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition
        November 2014