About 49/63 - Who We Are

The 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition consists of approximately 3000 households, 300 businesses and 8000 residents. Believing that smaller neighborhood areas could enable people to get to know each other and develop a sense of community and to work on issues affecting that smaller area, the 49/63 Board of Directors - in the mid-1980's - established a goal to help areas of 49/63 to organize. The purpose of this organization was not and is not to replace the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition but to enable 49/63 to better serve all residents. The Board of Directors envisioned that much of the organization would occur by plats. At that time, two areas were already organized - Crestwood (a formal homes association - one of the oldest in Kansas City) and Troostwood.

Several areas of 49/63 are formally organized and incorporated as not-for-profit organizations in the state of Missouri.  Residents in several other areas have begun to organize.
Founded in 1971, the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition is the oldest, continuously active neighborhood association in the Kansas City metro and enjoys a positive reputation among area community leaders. It cooperates with Brush Creek Community Partners, the Southtown Council, Rockhurst University Neighborhood Council, Neighborhood Housing Services, and others. 

OUR MISSION is to support our neighborhoods by providing information to educate, resources to empower, and infrastructure to connect.