CAN Center & Resources

The 49/63 Community Action Network (CAN) Center opened its doors on June 1, 1994.  The CAN Center  is currently a fully separate entity from the 4963 Neighborhood Coalition, but both entities have long worked together for the betterment of this vibrant community.

Funding for a COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax) Coordinator was awarded to the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition in January, 1993, and this funding added to the desirability of having a CAN Center in 49/63. The COMBAT grant provided the focal point for effective CAN Center Activities, and is administered by Jackson County.

The 49/63 CAN Center has historically been funded by the City of Kansas City for operating
supplies, rent assistance, and other special needs. Two police officers from the Metro Patrol Division formerly were assigned to spend the major
part of their time policing the neighborhood, and engaging in problem-solving dialogues with residents on quality-of-life issues. Their hours are usually daytimes from Monday through Thursday.

Kansas City's Neighborhood Preservation division has assigned a codes enforcement officer to the 49/63 CAN Center, and while the codes officer can also have assignments outside the neighborhood, they are "officed" to the CAN Center and concentrate most of their efforts within the 49/63 area.

Residents volunteer through the CAN Center in a variety of ways. Many work closely with the codes officer, and others work closely with the police officers and the COMBAT coordinator.

The CAN Center number is 816-333-4963. The CAN Center office phone voice mail is checked frequently during the day and most evenings and week-ends. They can be reached via email at