Our Neighborhoods

The 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition consists of approximately 3,000 households and 8,000 residents. 49/63 is the only neighborhood group in Kansas City to include residential areas on both sides of Troost Avenue, the historic racial dividing line which has existed for more than a century. Since its beginning, 49/63 has fought this psychological barrier and promoted diversity and inclusiveness.

Believing that smaller neighborhood areas could enable people to get to know each other and develop a sense of community and to work on issues affecting that smaller area, in the mid-90s, the 49/63 Board of Directors established a goal to help areas of 49/63 to organize. The purpose of this organization was not and is not to replace the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition but to enable 49/63 to better serve all residents. The Board of Directors envisioned that much of the organization would occur by plats. At that time, two areas were already organized - Troostwood and Crestwood (one of the oldest formal homes associations in Kansas City).

Most platted areas with 49/63 are formally organized and incorporated as not-for-profit organizations in the state of Missouri.