About 49/63

Founded in 1971, the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition is the oldest, continuously active neighborhood association in the Kansas City metropolitan area and enjoys a positive reputation among area community leaders. It has historically cooperated with past and present groups, including Brush Creek Community Partners, Southtown Council, Rockhurst University Neighborhood Council, UMKC Neighborhood Advisory Council, and many others.

OUR MISSION is to support our neighborhoods by providing information to educate, resources to empower, and infrastructure to connect. The 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition will interact with governmental bodies and other entities to provide a more powerful voice to advocate for the needs of all constituents.

Please see the Neighborhoods and Community Partners pages on this website to see a snapshot of the terrific neighborhoods, institutions, and businesses that call 4963 home!

To learn more about the important history of the 4963, please get the nationally acclaimed book, Some of My Best Friends are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America by Tanner Colby